Coming from half away around the world from where dubstep started how did you get into the genre?

Both of us have always been into Bass heavy music, and through friends we were shown artists such as early DMZ, Distance and Cyrus and fell in love with the darker heavier sound they were pushing
What artists and other genres of music helped build your sound?

We both listened to things like Classic rock, Trip Hop, early 90’s hiphop, Metal and experimental, Some artists within dubstep that influence us a lot are : Kryptic Minds, Cyrus, Distance, Mala, Loefah and the others pushing a similar sound

How did you guys meet and get into producing sounds together?

We met through mutual friends, decided to get into the studio and shit seemed to flow really well. Our first tune together was Marianas 6 months ago and since then the chemistry and passion haven’t died yet.

Are you dj’s or producers first hand

Producers by a long shot, but since starting to produce our own tunes mixing has definitely become more of a passion too. Producing will always be number one for us though.

How do you work together when building a track? do you have specific strengths and work on them separately or is it more a throw your ideas in where ever and when ever it feels right?

Yes we may not always start a track together but we always finish them together, we don’t live far from each other so most nights in the studio is where you will find us. Building a tune wise we both sit down and bounce ideas off each other and usually let the tune write itself.

Whats the current perverse set up to build your music?

We use a pretty modest basic setup. A couple of KRK rp8 G2’s, a custom-built i7 desktop, a cheap midi keyboard and a cheap interface. We also use FL studio 10 and Native Instruments Komplete 7

How would you describe the perverse sound?

It vary’s, we like to bring diversity to the table. Some people tell us we have our own sound but we don’t see it. We definitely try to make each tune different and individual but still have the perverse touch to it. If we were to describe it for us they are clean, emotional, deep, dark, and bass heavy.


What song of yours would you have to say helped you break through the scene and helped make a name for yourselves and why?

Submerge for sure, within an hour of us producing it, it was posted on a blog and received over 15 thousand plays within 24 hours. Pretty quickly we had some really well established artists asking us for it and from that we built relationships with them. It also got our name out to quite a wide range of people internationally.

Now a lot of the UK’s biggest dj’s are pushing your dubs at the moment, like Youngsta, J:Kenzo, Distance, seven etc… How did you get in contact with such reputable names or did they approach you?

In some cases we approached them and some cases they approached us. It’s all about sending your tunes to the right people, for us everyone we have approached has been amazingly friendly and willing to listen, and hopefully we reflect that when people talk to us.

Are there any other producers or labels you guys would like to collab with?

Man there’s just too many to name. But we definitely have some stuff in the works at the moment with some people we really admire and look up to.

New zealand seems to have a very healthy scene on the bass music front with Drum and bass and dubstep gaining popularity all the time, how have you seen the scene grow over there over time and you happy with the direction is heading in?

New Zealand as you say has always had a deep passion for bass heavy music, I think the culture here is really reflected in it. People here really go hard in the clubs for tunes and artists and international DJ’s are always shocked at people’s reactions. I like to think we are pretty open-minded here. The scene is definitely growing, we are contacted weekly by a new artists coming out of the woodwork here and we are always impressed with the standard. It’s amazingly important to us to push those in the New Zealand scene, guys like Tallan, Ghost Note, the Arkotypes, Optimus Gryme and Organikismness / Soulware are definately people to be watching we absolutely love everything we are sent by them.

What 3 songs do you feel sums up the genre to you personally?

Kryptic Minds – One of us
Loefah – Goat Stare
Vex’d – Lion VIP


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