Coming from Naas in county Kildare, Skollie has been earning his reputation as a producer with a series of self released tracks on his soundcloud ( that has culminated on this his latest self released EP.

The five track release is available online as a free download and consists of 4 original tracks and a half tempo D&B remix of his take on the by now well used vocal sample from Max Romeo’s “Chase the Devil”.

The EP opens up with “Light of the day” a collaborative effort with Conor Mac on vocals. This song shows excellent appreciation for building a mood, allowing the song to build, rise and fall. The clever little vocal sample really works as the songs drives on with fantastic energy, it reminds us that

“they told you time would heal and it would get right, years go by there’s no end in sight, but in the light of day, can’t get far enough away”

This song is great fun and shows amazing potential for such a young producer.

“Dirty Steez” is the second song as part of the free download. A loud and filth orientated track with big wobbles and plenty of distortion. It works as a dance floor orientated track but having heard the more soulful and musical opening “Light of day” we know that Skollie can do better.

“Chase (Drumstep VIP)” uses the Max Romeo sample, glitching and juggling the vocal loop while building to a barrier of pitch shifted bass using a LFO to oscillate the groove. My take on remixes is that they should do something to a song that the original (or other remixes) don’t do.  This take doesn’t really embue the sample with any new life. Skollie shows good appreciation for production techniques, the bass works well and his use of the half time D&B beats bodes well for the future.

“Bust Em” starts with a really clever use of the sound created by mobile phone interference on a speaker to create  the broken beat tempo. Introducing the melody, claps and an undulating bass sample pushes the song into a new space for the EP. The song drops an old school hard-core breaks beat and a lovely little Kelis sample (from Got Yo Money).

Again this song shows Skollie’s musicality and excellent use of samples and this is certainly the path we would love to see him take more of his productions.

The final track on the EP is the original version of “Chase”, the song certainly works better as a pure dubstep tune but again for me it brings nothing new to such a widely used sample. In fact if the Max Romeo sample had not been used I feel that this would be a stronger production.

Overall this is a really promising release, some great talent on show from such a new producer. I certainly want to see Skollie explore the more musical elements on his music and if at all possible try to use his original ideas as the basis for his tunes. 


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