First of all where did you get your name from?

I was always into the real gothic sort of culture of things.. It was a traditional culture and that was just the word I chose.. People were telling me the music I produced was very traditional and gothic.. it was inevitable I suppose. Came up with it about 13 years ago.

You’ve been around a long time so.

My first tune was 1999.

Obviously Japan is a long way from England.. When did you first hear Dubstep and when did you get into it?

Well eh that’s pretty interesting actually…. I suppose when I started I was listening to a lot of grime but uhm I was listening to so many types of Uk bass music actually.. Originally I was trying to write instrumental grime. I didn’t know much about dubstep I was just experimenting with different styles of grime. I sent a few productions on to a few heads in England and they were just telling me “this is dubstep”.

So you feel you discovered it by yourself?

Well sort of but its all the people making uk garage and all the likes they’re influencing this sound and it’s easy enough to fall into another similar genre of uk bass music.

In japan what’s the scene like?

It’s pretty big but while there’s a lot of good producers and dj’s they’re only starting to get bigger.. they’re all trying to get on their feet.

Can you give us any japanese dubstep producers to look out for?

One of my good friends he’s called 100moda then there’s Ena and Dopplegenger there are a good few out there definitely.

So what do you use to produce?

I use Ableton, just that.

Do you make all your own samples yourself and what gear do you use for producing?

I use the odd few samples sometimes yes. I’ve a small enough setup myself for producing just a keyboard really and then when I’m doing it live I use the korg nano series.

What sounds are you influenced by?

I’ve been producing music for over ten years and at the beginning ti was more abstract experimental hip hop then I started getting into the ambient and classic music. But I like my dub reggae and all that.

What artists are you listening to a lot these day?

I’m listening to some new producers at the moment. I’m listening to this 20 year old called Sling from Estonia at the moment he’s got some very good stuff. I like Mala obviously. But really I don’t like to listen to dubstep that much. I love my ballad music. I really listen to a wide range of stuff from techno to Massive Attack. I like all the older classics.

So what do you think of the Dublin crowd?

Ye it was a good gig good crowd you’re all really great. (We were interrupted temporarily at this point by a certain left unnamed dj desperately asking for some unreleased tracks)

Where do you think dubstep is going in the next couple years?

Well we just have to think keeping to go forward.. There really is a lot of bad dubstep. I can’t say a lot of it is dubstep though because dubstep is a lot more than just “making music”. Just because you’re making it at 140 doesn’t mean you’re making dubstep. I’m making some low tempo music myself now these days but I do definitely prefer the original dubstep bpm.


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