Eomac, or Ian to his friends, is a Dublin native who has been producing consistently for years in the Irish scene but with this latest self release (via his band camp http://eomac.bandcamp.com/) is some of his best produced and sonically interesting tracks to date.

The Zoltar EP consists of 5 tracks and runs at about 18 mins long. The tunes themselves all thread fine lines between genres, managing to tip toe between without full falling into any one pigeon-hole.

The title track itself Zoltar is influenced by hip hop, dubstep as well as broken beat tracks. It works really well, using the now ubiquitous “Woo, Yeah!” sample from James Brown but the song doesnt rely on it for character or body. At times the bass, in particular and low-frequency oscillator on the bass towards the mid to end of the song can sound muddied and it detracts from what could be a very good track.

Plink is a space filled, rambling little track with a superb 8-bit style melodic hook. Straddling the line between instrumental hip hop and deep deep house it’s not a tune that you can really say is any one genre.

This theme continues with Drifter which reminds me very much of SBTRKT and his recent album. Its less accessible without the vocals of someone like Sampha or the superb drum work of SBTRKT but as a track it is very much in the same sphere of existence.

Glideloops carries this theme and atmosphere forward with perhaps the most regular beat on the EP. A slow, steady 100bpm-esque rhythm with smaller percussive elements lending the energy. Again here the bass at times sounds distorted, this may be intentional but for me I thought it just sounded a little too busy.

The EP closes with Garden which is the standout track for me. This track lends itself to a dance floor as much as home listening. Relying on an 8bit looped melody for energy and progression it is reminiscent of some of Zomby’s work on his 1up EP.

Overall this is a strong body of work and shows great progression with some flaws. This kind of production quality shows how vibrant the Irish scene currently is at the moment. The EP is available from Eomac’s bandcamp as a pay what you want download,  for anyone with a passing interest in the Irish scene this has to be worth a download and a listen at that price.


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