Steve Downing a.k.a Dracula Man recently got through to us on our Facebook page, sending us 2 of his own productions from last year which made us wish we had known of him sooner.

The two track EP, “Happy Daze” starts off with the eponymous “Happy Daze”. The track opens with some lovely synth work layered with some chopped up choral harmonics. Once the drums drop it has a large, warm feeling to the track showing great depth and appreciation for space. Everything slots in perfectly in this song without being too busy, fine attention to detail prevails throughout. Early changing samples keep the listener on their toes, the track evolves and moves towards a big build before the break-down. Some later sections can get quite repetitive compared to the interest that the early parts of the tune holds. For a track of almost 6 minutes it does meander aimlessly at times and I was left expecting more as it dwindles to a close. Around the office we wish it had gone out with a bang. That said production quality is excellent and definitely not something to turn your nose up at.

Happy Daze by Dracula Man

The second track “Dream Sequence” hums with background conversation and then it kicks. Mix mashed drums again keep you on your toes, the beat defying prediction as the listener struggles to see where the beat is going. I think playing this in a club would be interesting to see how the crowd reacts, definitely be a nice sight to see. Ironically the vocals underpinning the tune ask us “what’s going on” as bass synths stab through the drone.  The song provides a lot of energy via the high percussive elements and a lovely resonating bassline that can really get you moving.

Dream Sequence by Dracula Man

Steve has informed us that unfortunately he hasn’t produced in a while now and is focused Sound Design. Personally I really hope he gets back to production because I want to hear more of this!


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