So if any of you have been tunes into mine and Emmo’s show Reload on PlayfmDublin the last couple months. You will probably have heard a lot of L2S releases from my corner.

Personally I think these lads are on a next level tip. They’re redefining garage music in a very good way. Originally founded by Whistla back in 2009 they have now racked up an impressive 71 relases. The first and most recent coming from Whistla himself. Unfortunately for myself and I’m sure many others they are all digital no vinyl releases yet. Maybe some day!

However boasting a discography of artists containing the likes of Littlefoot, Sorrow, Blind Prophet and so many more you are guaranteed to find more than enough of tracks you will love.

As I said there are too many artists to mention. You will really have to go search through them yourselves. But I will be kind enough to share a link to my personal favourite Littlefoot.



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