So as you all may or may not know, myself and fellow Subrewind blogger Emmo host a weekly radio show on PlayFMDublin.

We’ve decided to pick our top 5 songs from every month, the tunes that in the immortal words of Mike Skinner are more than just tracks and have become movements and then share them with you lot. So here we go 1st time in 2012, in no particular order at all.

Artifact – Archaic Line (Deadplate Records)
I’ve been banging on about this Bristol based producer for a while and there’s very good reason why. This song is deep yet relaxed, dark yet uplifting. Artifact has really sold himself on this one and I can already feel it being in my top 10 of 2012.



Orphan 101 – Itchin (DECA Rhythm)
Another Bristol based producer Orphan 101 releases this one on his own label DECA Rhythm. He manages to bridge House, Techno and Dubstep so flawlessly it has something for everyone.



French Fries – Crushin On Me (Youngunz)

This one was released as part of Youngunz compilation Sinterklaas Society. Short vocal samples are nearly becoming all too common in modern bass music yet French Fries definitely knows how to keep it fresh in this one.



Dj Naughty – Unstoppable (Roska Kicks and Snares)
Dj Naughty describes himself as “Foundation of Funky” and we really can’t deny it. Unstoppable brings an orchestra of synths in on this one giving off a nice 8bit feel yet keeping a steady flow.



Surge ft Pyxis – Leech (Wheel and Deal UK)
N-Type’s Wheel and Deal never disappoints and same goes for this release. Containing atmospherically beautiful vocals, kicked out synths, tasty low-ends along with some easy going bass wobbles.



Scuba – The Hope (Hotflush)
Technically a February release but we had massive fun playing this on the show and it gets a great response. Terrific vocals and a massive rolling bassline means this tracks has amazing energy and really moves. We cant wait for his new album after hearing this.



Boddika & Joy O – Swims (Swamp81)
Pretty much anything that Joy O does gets on the show, pretty much anything Boddika does gets on the show and pretty much anything released on Swamp81 gets on the show so when Loefah decided to release this late 2011 dubplate smasher we knew it was an instant win. Big big tune.



Tessela – Channel (PunchDrunk)
This superb release on Perverelist’s PunchDrunk comes courtesy of another one of Bristol’s growing number of talented producers. This one harks back to an era of hard core breaks. Plenty of space and lovely interplay between the kicks and highs means this one got the studio rocking in January.



Mala – Enter Dimensions (DMZ)
Quality deep dubstep from the master. Another vinyl only release from the team who single handedly are pushing dubstep’s dubplate culture to new levels all the time. This one has lovely percussion and haunting echos, like a space journey with your bongos in tow.



Bonobo – Kiara (Cosmin TRG remix)
This one taken off the Bonobo remix album is epic. Constantly evolving and changing but always retaining a sense of theme and an energy that only the best songs have. The original tune is good but this remix takes it higher, as all the best remixes do, We like this a lot and we think you will too.
Bonobo – Kiara (Cosmin TRG remix)


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