Tonight on Reload the lads will have an exclusive 30 min mix from Drokkr featuring exclusive material and bare dubs. From 8:30pm – 9pm on or 93.2fm in the Dublin area.

To celebrate the mix and also the release of Drokkr’s new EP “Furepea 1” Subrewind’s Emmo took time out to sit down and talk music with Cork DJ and Producer Drokkr.

Over the course of a half an hour or so the lads chatted music and we have the full interview for you here.

Why don’t we start with how you got into music and then production in particular. Do you come from a musical background or can you think of a moment that you became addicted to music?

First love was Hiphop. That took off in first year in secondary school. One album that still gets a lot of play from around then is 6 Feet Deep by Gravediggaz. As I got a bit older I became interested in how the beats were produced but never really got into producing.
As far as me coming from musical background goes, I don’t think whatever was on the radio at home counts. I suppose the first tracks that made me fall in love with music were Glenn Miller – In The Mood and Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer.
Production came much later. 2008. I had messed around with DJing to a point then but after seeing Phuture 303 play live at BLOC my life changed. It was an amazing gig that changed my life. I came home and bought a Korg Electribe off Warren Knowles. Here I am now.

How did you first find dubstep and how would you say your sound has mutated from dubstep to the 120 style beats that you have produced (in the impressive mixes and dubs) you have sent us.

I come from a strong house and techno scene here in Cork. All my mates are music nerds so there was always someone pulling a new genre out at a party or in some kitchen somewhere. Toasty – The Knowledge is “the one” The track took hold of me. It was on 5 or 6 time in a row when I first heard it.
The mutation in my music now is down to the sheer volume of music that I listened to and loved over the years. I see it as a massive combination of everything from hiphop, house, techno, idm and on to dubstep. I’ve always listened to anything and everything and now people are starting to hear the results. To be honest, I always felt I was forcing my music a bit when I wrote dubstep anyway.

And what kind of reaction have you had to your new productions. We like it a lot and we are eager to see how it will develop and sit with clubbers.

It’s been good. Very good in some cases but that’s another conversation.
I did a gig in Bristol at Halloween where I had a sort of debut for my 120 stuff. It went down really well. Gabber kicks at 120 do funny things to people. I think that gig was probably the final piece in the puzzle for me and where my music was going. Just need some more gigs to see how it gauge how it goes down a bit better now.

Can you play any musical instruments or have you had any kind of formal training with music production. The sounds you create seem incredibly refined without seeming over produced or over polished.

Thanks but no I’ve not had training of any sort. It’s always been a case of trusting my ears. I did tin whistle years ago but that’s long forgotten now.

So what are you producing in and with at the moment. Do you use hard Synths or is it predominantly soft synth and DAW work?

Everything in the box right now. Running FL10 with Rob Papen’s Blue as my go to synth. I must use it on 90% of tracks. Stared to learn Absynth recently but that one is going to take a while.

How do you think the Irish scene is currently looking? What would you like to see improved?

It’s looking great! Great names being booked and some quality labels making a mark too.
If I could improve one thing. It would be licensing laws. So frustrating to see amazing nights, time and time again getting cut sort over some outdated laws.

What has been the highlight of DJing and performing so far? What made it special?

Glasgow. No doubt in my mind. That one was very special.
The people! Best crowd ever. Place was packed and when I opened with Death Grips and half the place knew the words I knew I was in for a good one. The sound that night was unreal too. Big ups to the boys from Eletrickal Soundsystem.

Can you talk us through whats next for you then?

The main ones are. Trying to rebrand myself now this 120 thing is in motion. First demos of which went out last week. Hopefully some more gigs coming in and get this label I’ve been muttering to myself about starting off the ground. I’ll try to get a bit fitter too in between everything else too.
Got a huge gig coming up on St. Paddy’s day in Limerick with the Micronite crew.

Whats the one piece of music that you wish you had written?

Now that’s a question.
Drexciya – Polymono Plexsusgel off of Neptune’s Lair

Thats great, thanks very much for taking the time to talk to Subrewind. We wish you all the best with the 120 stuff, we know its gonna go far!

Thank you to Subrewind and everyone else too! The people I meet at gigs, the random folk on the internet and everyone in between. Cheers!

BOOKABLE OFFENCE – Live session for Reload on PlayFM by DROKKR


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