So the news is out, for everyone who worships at the Church of DMZ 2012 is going to be a big year.

Mala from the Digital Mystikz will be releasing a new album based on sounds recorded from sessions with Cuban musicians from his trip to Cuba last year.

The album is being produced in conjunction with Giles Peterson’s own Havana Cultura musical experiments, the two producers have sampled the same musicians but Peterson himself told that this should not been seen as a remix album but a separate Mala production,  “Rather than have a remix album on the back of this project, which is what we did last time as a sort of follow through, this time we’re going to have a Mala interpretation which is going to be really interesting, I think.”

The crossovers between jazz and dubstep are more than just a few,  the tempo or speed of 140bpm is quite a common speed for mid paced jazz tunes. Using bass over drums as a songs metronome and bass as the driving element or a song is something that both musical styles can do at times.

I was lucky enough to get to hear an early mix of some of the material on the album last year and I was blown away at the direction Mala had taken. The rhythms and musicality was on a par with the best DMZ productions but there was a certain something that set it apart. The moods and tones were much brighter, the space of normal DMZ tunes had made way for tribal percussion.

From the mixes we heard the tunes were quite advanced so we would expect to see the album sooner rather than later.

Other questions will arise, like what label will this production come out on and what kind of impact these songs will have on a younger dubstep audience. We may see this release on Brownwood Recordings like the rest of the Havana Cultura series but the impact on the dubstep community is one that we will have to wait and see about.


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