For those not in the know they better get to know the name Caski! He started off his musical Journey producing Grime but eventually made the switch to Dubstep. Caski has been receiving massive support as of late with the likes of Hatcha, EL-B, Kalbata and Tes la Rock all pushing his tunes. 2012 is lining up to be a massive year for the young producer with a string of releases planned on EL-B’s label Ghost Records. His tunes showcase many different styles but heavy sub bass is always evident! Subrewind was delighted to catch up with the young man from Bedford and talk music!

So where did your journey into the genre of Dubstep begin?

I actually used to make Grime under an alias (CaoS).  Around the time that Skream’s infamous “Midnight Request Line” was getting played in grime sets I’d heard Plastician mention “Dubstep” a few times on the RWD Forum & on his radio shows.  I never really gave it the time of day if im honest untill I started college, despite having had people try and show me tracks over MSN or seeing links posted and all that jazz…  I remember my mate Chris (One half of Subtactix) showing me Skream – Chestboxing & The Bug Ft Flowdan- Jah War… it filled the void I felt Grime had at the time so from there it was just a natural switch really.

What notable artists and other genres influence you?

In regards to genres I feel trying my hand at Drum & Bass taught me some very valuable techniques for making music. Artists I’d have to say Loefah as I’ve always loved his work, Kryptic Minds because I don’t think there is a track of theirs that I don’t think is anything short of amazing. Currently I’d have to say everyone representing the M.U.D label though, absolutely wicked music coming from there.

Are you firstly a producer or Dj at heart or is it a nice balance of the two?

I would definitely say that I’m firstly a producer as I’ve only been mixing for a little over a year. (Thanks to El-B for the 1200’s)


When did you start producing tracks? Describe the Caski sound for anyone not in the know!

I started producing when I was 15 (how time flies eh).  I don’t honestly know how I would describe my sound. I suppose I have quite a varied sound?  The attribute I do try to maintain throughout my music is that it’s bass heavy.

Do you have a specific styles in mind when you sit down and begin producing or is it something that just falls together the deeper you get into it?

I’ve tried sitting down and making a particular style before but it just ends up going really abstract from the original idea somewhere along the line. I find it so much more natural to literally just sit down and see what happens, unless I have a rough idea of what I would like to do prior to starting.

What software and plug in’s do you use?

Up until recently I’ve been on Reason 3 (this is where most people go “wah!?”) I am in the process as we speak of making a switch to another software program which I was recently shown.

What was your first big break in the scene and how did it come about?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve had a “Big Break” as such yet. My highlights so far though would be having DJ’s such as El-B, Hatcha, Distance, Demon, Tes La Rok, Wonder & Kalbata play my music. For DJ’ing I would have to say headlining Germany twice in my first year of mixing & taking bookings. In regards to Grime i had the privilege to be a part of both Macabre Unit & Nasty Crew which was amazing for me at the time as I was only 16/17.

Do you have any advice or tips to any other young producers who are trying to get the big names to recognise their sounds?

Without sounding really obvious I would say don’t ever send tracks that you’re not completely happy with to DJ’s/Producers.  Seriously listen to your music & ask yourself “Would I play this out/on radio?“.  I was too impatient when I was younger and would often regret sending tracks out after hearing them again a few days later. Also understand that not all DJ’s/Producers like all sounds and styles, (some do) but try to find out who likes what sound and send them music accordingly.

Are there any producers or Mc’s you would love to work with?

Of course, I think it would be amazing to work with Kryptic Minds and I’m going to be in the studio with Demon (M.U.D) very soon.  As far as MC’s go I’ve always been a fan of Riko, Killa P, Flowdan and Jamakabi’s flows.  (That’s the first time I’ve ever actually realized they are/were all in Roll Deep)

El-B seems to have taken a shine to your productions, so much so he singed you to Ghost Records.  How did you find each other?

I was sending tracks around to a mailing list that I had compiled (a few of us used to swap them like they were collectables).  I got hold of J Da Flex’s Email, he played a track on his radio show with El-B, El-B contacted me and said he’d like to release it on Ghost (it was an easy yes after some talks).  For this reason I believe that it’s not always who you know as I knew very few people within Dubstep at this stage in my music.

The likes of BBC Radio 1, 1xtra, Rinse, Kiss and Choice all have DJ’s pushing your songs how does it feel to hear your tunes being pushed by some of the biggest names in the genre?

It’s unbelievable and makes it all worth it, especially knowing the volume of music some of these DJ’s are being sent it’s something I’ll always be thankful for.

2012 is lining up to big a large one for you! Lunatic/Romp is coming out on Ghost Records on 12”. Do you have a rough release date?

Pre orders are available RIGHT NOW at & full release should be Late January / Early February 2012

Are there any other Releases or plans you can fill the Subrewind crew on?

I have some more tracks forthcoming on Ghost in 2012, I also have some tracks being looked at by some other labels.

How do you think the genre is holding up given its massive rise to popularity in such a short space of time?

Some would argue the scene has become very fragmented and the original sounds and the principles of the genre are getting lost. I just listen to the sounds and styles that I like, I go and see the DJ’s who play the sounds and styles that I like to perform and I think everyone else should do the same.  Some people may say that there isn’t as much “dark” or “deep” Dubstep anymore but I reckon they’re just looking in the wrong places. For those who may not know where to find or may not have heard the “dark” or “deep sound before, heresa couple of labels I would recommend checking out: M.U.D, Innamind, Osiris, Orientis


3 tracks Caski feels Dubstep wouldn’t be Dubstep without?

Loefah – The Goat Stare,

El-B – Buck & Bury,

Skream – 0800dub

Massive thanks to Subrewind & anyone supporting my music.


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