In case you don’t know SteppA (A.K.A Martin Darby) is an absolute powerhouse for producing track after track day after day. If you haven’t heard of him don’t worry we’re here to tell you. He’s big on a lot of radars getting played out on various playfmdublin shows along with a lot of productions circling around various Dublin clubs.

We’re going to start with the basics on this one:

How long you been producing?

I’ve been producing a little over a year now. It all really started with just messing around on decks but I found myself more interested in the production side of the music. It was more an interest in how the tracks were actually produced that had me wanting to look into that aspect.

What got you hooked an Dubstep…Were you producing anything else beforehand?

Wow.. Dubstep it really just got a hold of me, I’m honestly addicted to those rare beats and the driving bass-lines. The genre really seems to catch something that nothing else quite does. The people around on the scene are sound as well it’s like a big community. I dabble in other productions though ye, some Drum n Bass, sometimes a bit of techno and hip-hop beats. There’s a large spectrum of genres I like to mess with.

In the last couple months there has been a noticeable change in your productions. Have you noticed this and can you tell us why you feel this change has come on?

Yes I have noticed actually but not from my perspective a lot of people have been pointing it out to me rather than myself. It’s all a matter of some techniques work better for me than others. Really I’m not too sure why it’s all changing but my mood varies between tracks and styles so maybe that has something to do with it?

Do any specific dj’s/producers influence your music or do you just find your own style’s and inspiration yourself?

Hmm.. Definitely. Other producers inspire my music 100% actually. The likes of Benga, Hatcha, Skream, Emalkay and Trolley Snatcha. The styles of all these producers really stand out from the crowd I feel.. I’m sure there are plenty more but I don’t think I need to list them all. My main influences definitely are Benga and Skream they’re always keeping it fresh and daring to try other things it’s something I’m definitely interested in.

The biggest problem is finding the right people in the community who are willing to listen to what you have to play.

Have you ever considered on working with other artists (or currently working with) on future productions?

Of course. I’d love to work with other artists. Especially some Irish producers people who have a similar style and workflow to me. It would definitely be an experience. Obviously would be great to work with Ollie and Adejumo they’re genius’!

What would you consider the biggest difficulty in promoting your own music

The biggest problem is finding the right people in the community who are willing to listen to what you have to play. I would like if there was a way to get people to at least take some time to try my music out!

Do you feel people are starting to recognize your productions more these days?

I like to think people are yes! It’s hard to know really. I’m getting a lot of plays out from various dj’s these days namely SquareOne, yourself and Emmo (cheers for that!) I’m looking to get some gigs down the line so that will definitely help me play out a lot of my own stuff so that I can get some more recognition.

Any big plans for the future?

Big plans? I haven’t a clue! Hopefully this music thing works out and gets me out of this country, haha I don’t know. I’m bored with life in Dublin man. Music steps me away from all that but really it feels like there’s nothing better to do (Yes we aren’t going to turn this into a big future of the country interview so let’s leave it at that)

What do you think of Dublin’s club scene these days…. Is it coming up or is it just sitting around with nothing really big happening?

Its pretty good in fairness! The dubstep scene is majorly growing! So many new nights and so many big acts coming over! Even the House, Techno and Drum n Bass scene are large here. It is definitely moving upwards but just needs some time to grow.

If you were to say one negative thing about the clubbing scene in Dublin or even Ireland what would that be?

Definitely the fact clubs just finish too early!

Well that sums it up.. On relation to the last question this is a topic you guys should really get yourselves involved in these lads are campaigning for later opening hours of clubs. There are huge perks to this too many to list definitely worth checking out.

So we will be keeping you guys posted on all things coming from this SteppA and help support local artists here’s his soundcloud feel free to leave him a comment!
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