Reggae with Dubtrash

5 months since your Zion Ep went up on MonkeyDub how has that gone for you?

It’s been amazing! I’ve always wanted to release music officially, so it’s been a dream come true. The EP has sold quite a few copies aswell, so that’s nice too.

Has there been any significant changes since the release?

I’ve definitely gained a lot more followers globally. I get a lot of people from USA and South American countries commenting on tunes and liking my Facebook page. I’ve also had an MC from Colombia record a vocal over ‘Zion’. He sent it to me and I was surprised when he told me that he did it at a live show and the whole place went crazy, so things like that have been nice. It’s cool aswell when you see other DJ’s playing your tunes in their sets, it’s something that, as a producer, you dream of. As for here in Ireland, because my style is still quite reggae/dub sounding, it’s been hard to gain mass following. But I’m hoping more Irish people check me out and see what I’m about.

As a small artist who isn’t selling out full clubs (yet) when you started seeing your Ep floating around sites which were giving free dl’s.. Was this a good or bad feeling… Please explain!

I’ve had mixed emotions about it to be honest. At first I was pissed off! But after a while I just accepted that it’s inevitable, as a producer, that people are going to share your music around the web. So now, I’m happy that people think my tunes are good enough to be shared. I try and look at it positively

There are plenty of artists just like yourself in Ireland looking for someone to sponsor their releases how did you get through to monkeydub?

I just kept uploading my tunes onto Soundcloud. At first I was wondering, how on earth do I get more plays and comments? But after a while, people starting leaving more and more comments and I suppose it just took off from there. One of the guys from Monkey Dub, Guillaume, left a comment on one of my tunes and we ended up discussing the possibility of releasing an EP. It was a combination of luck and perseverance!

Will there be any future releases from MonkeyDub or other labels?

Perhaps there will be! I’m hoping to make more tunes for the New Year, so if Monkey Dub or any other labels want to release something, we’ll have to wait and see! As for now, I’m planning to release a free EP just before Christmas, it’s a little bit different, a 2 track experimental EP entitled ‘Twilight’.

Which song of yours do you feel reflects your production styles the best?

Hmm, that’s a tough question. I suppose ‘Zion’ because, for me, it flows along perfectly. It’s quite a dubbed out tune, and I think it represents my passion for dub and chilled out bass music. I’m very proud to have made it

There was a time I heard you were potentially doing a track with DFX Major.. Is this still going to happen down the line? His voice and your productions would be quite epic!

Yes I would love to work with him! He’s got such a raw sound, I’d love to combine his vocals with some harsh reggae beats, I think it would work nicely. He stayed at mine one time and he did a wicked freestyle over me beat-boxing, somebody recorded it, haha so maybe we could do something like that!?? He’s gone over to Manchester to study music, so we shall see what happens, If he wants to hook up and do something I’d be cool with that.

So you have a new clubnight coming up soon. Fancy telling us a bit about it?

It’s been a long time coming, but yes, we’re planning to get regular dubstep nights going in Letterkenny in the not so distant future. It’s not confirmed as of yet, but I’ve been chatting to a promoter in the area, and he seem’s keen on the idea. There’s definitely a need for an anlternative music scene here, so I can see it taking off if it goes ahead!

Is there much a scene out in LetterKenny?

Not really at the moment. The clubs play chart R&B usually, so it’s been hard for me to try and get some clubs interested in having dubstep or d&b nights. Hopefully though I can help change that, and people will have somewhere to go to hear quality underground bass music.

Any big name’s you want to get in to your night?

I’d love to get Radikal Guru to play! He’s definitely my favourite dubstep producer. I’d love to get Coki, Mala, and also some UK garage, d&b artists…I’d also like to get some heavy DJ’s like Funtcase or Cookie Monsta. I’ve heard of this unreal DJ from Dublin too, I think his name is Ois or something like that…ahem! Hopefully the night’s will grow and become the next big thing in the North-West, we’re aiming big, so who knows, it might just happen.

What do you personally think of the dubstep scene in Ireland is it growing and is it going in the right way?

It’s blown up so fast hasn’t it? I remember showing tunes to people a couple of years ago and they were like “what the fuck is that?” or “that’s too slow to dance to”. It’s funny how now, everyone considers themselves to be an expert about the scene. I think the whole bro-step and electro-step explosion has caused major confusion within the scene, especially for new listeners, but I try not to think about that too much. My aim is to make dub music that I like myself, and if other people seem to enjoy it, all the better!

What’s the next big thing to expect from Dubtrash anything big in the works that we dont know about?

I’m planning to make as many new tracks over the next year as possible. I’m going to branch off into other genres too. So expect some drum & bass, garage, and maybe even some dubbed out techno and house…

Right and well that’s about it for Dubtrash his Zion EP is out now on Monkey Dub Recording and you can keep up with the rest over at his Soundcloud.



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