David Rodigan Beatyard

Over the course of the last 18 months Bodytonic’s Beatyard weekender festival has blossomed into a multiple date extravaganza happening over the two Bodytonic curated venues in Dublin.

This latest instance of the festival was held during the recent October Bank Holiday weekend and closed with a return to Ireland by the irrepressible David Rodigan.

David Rodigan is the strangest of performers, for many un-enlightened party goers the sight of a middle aged man taking to the stage was the very epitome of confusion.

A false start littered with confusion around CDJs and missing CDs seemed to distract the crowd. A confused silence was punctuated by awkward laughter and chatter. Rodigan, a professional on the scene for more years than most of the attendee’s have lived, took control of the venue with brief introduction describing his love of music.

This gave the gig a typical Rodigan vibe. Part lecture, part story telling and part karaoke, it just shouldn’t work but it does, and this is down to the incredible passion and personality of the host and “selecta” Mr Ramjam Rodgian.

The gig finally gets underway with Toots and Maytals, stopping here for a few songs before meandering around ska, new and old school reggae. Next stop is jungle and then D&B. We are then guided, turning to dubstep before making our way all the way back to reggae again.

The journey is interspersed with stories of meeting Bob Marley, sound clashes in Jamaica and name checking the producers of tonight’s soundtrack, its clear Rodigan loves each and every tune he is playing and his passion is infectious.

The crowd jumps, sways and sings along in unison to each of the tunes.

We are treated in true sound clash style to VIPs, Dubplates specials and Rodigan exclusives. I cannot stress how many songs name checked Rodigan himself in their lyrics.

Closing time comes and goes and the crowd refuses to allow Rodigan to leave, two encores later and he is closing with Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.

Special mention on the night must go to the venue itself, the Twisted Pepper’s sound system sounds amazing giving chest shaking bass to each track and providing the foundations for a memorable night.

Its an amazing journey through music and one that I think every person should take at least a couple of times in their life.


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