Interview with Enno

Doing an interview on Facebook is a new experience for me, and I have to say it’s less than ideal. Trying to keep a conversation flowing when you can’t see the person is difficult at the best of times, but the freshly turned 21 year old man I’m chatting to today gave me plenty to chew on.

If you’re in to Dubstep or Drum n Bass (which I presume you are) then it’s more than likely you’ve seen this guy in action. Whether it was spinning deep vibes in Dubstortion, cracking out the filth for Strangeways, or setting the tone for some of the biggest in the business like Photek, Radikal Guru, Emalkay, Downlink and Cookie Monstah, this young and humble DJ has been quite busy for quite a while. His name, as you’d probably recognise it is Enno, and he’s kindly given us a few words on how he got in to the genre and how his style has evolved alongside it. Hopefully we’ll have a nice little mix from Enno for you to play while you read. (Pssst Look down the end!)

So Let’s begin at the beginning. When did you first start DJing?

I first started DJing when I was 16 when I got some old shitty kam decks and a kam mixer. it was a starter pack for 350 euro, because thats all you could fit on 3v card at the time. I started as a turntablist at first, and did that for two years but then I wanted to learn how to mix. My cousin Adam Fogarty gave me some hard house to mix. I started spinning some electro and stuff until I finally found my calling and began to spin dubstep.

Your calling What song was the one that made you say yes. This is for me?

Funnily enough it was the Rusko remix of Kid Cudi’s Day and Night. It was on a DJ AM and Travis Barker mix. Like I said I was spinning alot of Electro back then and I heard this in an Electro mix. I checked it out online and began listening to more and more. It was completely different to what I was used to hearing. I think the track that really set it in stone for me was Trolley Snatcha’s track “The Future”. I heard it on Pete Tong’s radio show during Caspas Essential Mix. It was one of those Gets your heart pumping tunes and I was hooked from there.

So two years have passed since Trolley Snatcha graced your eardrums, how do you think Dubstep has evolved since then? And how has your style and taste evolved since then?

To be honest it’s a tricky question. At the moment the sound of Dubstep is becoming saturated and divided. On one side you have the Brosteppers who are looking for the next big drop and filthy bassline and then on the other, you have the Deep Heads who want to feel the bass in their chest as well as good track selection and mixing from the DJ.

My style has changed drastically in the last year. One year ago I had never taken on big crowds ever, and suddenly I was thrown into the deep end. Headlining and playing to crowds in some of dublins biggest clubs like crawdaddy and twisted pepper. I loved every second of it and was definitely a DJ that played to the crowd and wanted to see them rock out to the next filthy banger i had lined up.But now I’ve calmed down and matured a bit as DJ. I no longer play to the crowd, but look to push my own sound. I found myself playing tracks that i didn’t like just because I knew the crowd would go nuts for it. I finally took the step and said enough was enough. I fell in love with the deep stuff and love playing it out. its where I wanna be at the moment.

Do you think the louder side of it will last? Or will the genre come full circle?

I think there will always be an element of filth in dubstep. if you look at DnB the same thing happend. You had the jump up heads and then you had the roots heads. Jump up exploded for a year or two and took over the market, but now DnB has gone back underground and there are way more purist dnb heads producing big fat basslines rather than the twised midrange basslines of jump up. The same thing will happen with dubstep. Producers like Excision and Datsik are pushing the noise so far that they are starting to make electro themselves. Because thats what they produce, half time electro. But to sum it up, yes i think it will come full circle, but the filth will still be there.

And as for your own productions? What style do you go for when you’re making tunes? Any EPs on the cards?

To be honest, i never really plan my productions enough to get as far of thinking, oh yeah, this will work with an EP. I just seem to write what I feel like at the time. I have started producing a lot of drum and bass lately and would love to get and EP from it, its just kinda hard to finish tracks when your in college full time and working part time, im busy 7 days a week.

I first started DJing when I was 16 when I got some old shitty kam decks and a kam mixer. it was a starter pack for 350 euro, because thats all you could fit on 3v card at the time. I started as a turntablist at first, and did that for two years but then I wanted to learn how to mix.

But I’ve heard rumours you have a club night in the works? Hows that going to fit in?

I do, some names have been thrown about with my friend Chris but nothing is definite yet. Were looking to get some big acts over and push a sound of dubstep that we love. We wanna have it in a good club with some serious sound. But once we get a venue on lock down, its full steam ahead. More info coming soon 😉

Any free slots for yours truly? (Hopeful)



Right well unless you live under a rock, which I’m sure you don’t, you’ll be seeing Enno’s name on alot of posters around the clubs of our Fair City, so make sure to come listen to his vibes. You will not regret it.


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